Welllaw Abogados is based on three central pillars: “Immediacy”, “Innovation” and “Internationalisation”. Our daily work is based on these pillars because of we want to improve our services and our customers satisfaction.

Nowadays, globalization is how our world works. In Welllaw we know it due to our experience with customers from all around the world and their needs. It means that we have had to adapt our international services, so a few years ago we started to look for agreements with another cambers or lawyers from different countries, which have to share our values.

The aim of these agreements is to advance in our international proyects, each one complement the others with its knowledge, know-how and experience.

Today´s world, society and customers demand us flexibility, adaptation and dedication. Sometimes there are some problems to create standards but our agreements, with french and middle east firms, provide us the capability needed to develop and implement the same service in Málaga, Dubai, Beijing or anywhere.

On the one hand, french firm is specialized in Acquisitions, Business financing, Business law, Corporate tax, Individual tax, International tax, Ligitations, Mergers, Private international law and Tax audits.

On the other hand, middle east firm goals are to be an open door to develop new business and proyects to customers who are interested on this area, which due to his geographical localization and economic development, make it a great opportunity to rise. This firm is specialized in Arbitration, Banking, Commercial transactions, Construction, Corporate affairs, Employment, Engineering, Environmental, Finance, Labour law, Legal translation services, Ligitation, Information technology, Intellectual property, Telecommunication and Real estate.

If you need or want more information about our partners, just click on images and look inside.