A few years ago, Welllaw started to work in Málaga, Andalucia, Spain and around the world, so it is time to meet our team.

Since 2014 we have realized juridical, consultancy and tax services, legal arbitration, legal mergers and many other services. ¿How do we do that? We always try to grow up with each customer, so we decided to apply think global, act local attitude and philosophy. Due to this method our demand, international presence and relocation services (Welllanding), in Malaga, keep increasing.


Welllaw Legal Services & Relocation in Malaga


That sounds pretty good, but it is always needed the human factor in services, even more in judicial, tax and consultancy services. At first, Welllaw was founded by managing parteners Federico Pérez-Padilla Díaz-Castanys and Emilio Pérez de la Blanca Castellano, who are high-qualified attorneys and financers. Nowadays the team has grown up to 5 members: Carmen Aguilera García, María José González Flores and Josué Villalta Robles, all of them experienced accountants.

Maybe we need you now to join us  😉